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Managing Editor Inc. - Redefining their marketing strategy

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

Managing Editor Inc. (MEI) initially approached Silent Sea Productions to create a product video that outlined the systematics of their cloud-based content management and workflow system, TruEdit. The software has a plethora of components that MEI wanted to explain within a one to two minute, customer-facing product video. However, after several meetings, it became clear to Silent Sea Productions that TruEdit needed more brand familiarity and recommended a targeted consideration video that informed consumers about the product’s capabilities as well as discussed it’s essential value in the market.

MEI is targeting TruEdit to the decision-makers of media and publishing companies, agencies, nonprofits, and small to medium-sized corporations. Silent Sea Productions worked with MEI leadership to ensure that this video aligned with their overall sales goals. By collaboratively redefining their marketing strategy, MEI realized that they needed to enhance awareness of the product’s need before generating a comprehensive, in-depth video that explained the product. Silent Sea Productions walked MEI through the new idea and strategy, putting together a detailed storyboard that visualized all aspects of the video and how it communicates a coherent message to intrigue the consumer.

The Silent Sea writing team worked hand-in-hand with MEI to guarantee that the script content for the video was pointed and included vital information. Silent Sea Productions also convinced MEI to include perspectives about the product from MEI’s leadership, design, and product development teams, putting forth a comprehensive understanding of the software as well as offering a graphic and user outlook. As a result, the production team interviewed president Mark Leister, director of product Brett Kizner, and graphic designer Shawna Unger and incorporated their responses in the video.

In addition to honing down the script and working to reconceptualize MEI’s marketing approach, Silent Sea Productions also worked with MEI to establish a visual theme for the video, landing on the idea of filming the video in a business district. After scouting many locations, the video was filmed in a large office space with a view of the Philadelphia skyline in the background to appeal to their audience, who work in similar locations. Silent Sea Productions also fully casted the video for MEI, working with well-seasoned actors and voiceover artists. The organization’s editors also incorporated animation into the video so the viewer can see how TruEdit works.

“Silent Sea did an excellent job with our project. The video we wanted was a challenge in itself with multiple locations, talent, screen grabs, voiceover, interviews; and they also had to navigate requests and opinions of different personalities on our team. They were conscious of delivering a quality video at a reasonable price and were very thorough in understanding our goals. I highly recommend Mark and his crew!”

-  Will Steuber Creative Director, Managing Editor Inc.

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