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Ricoh Business Process Outsourcing
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Ricoh - Business Process Outsourcing Use Case

Ricoh, a global imaging and electronics company, needed an overview video that described their Business Process Outsourcing offering as well as their network of Business Information Centers that provide these services. Mark was brought in to produce this video and define Ricoh's messaging around the service. He worked with key stakeholders to translate their internal messaging, pinpoint aspects of the BPO service and the BIS infrastructure that would best resonate with the Enterprise businesses Ricoh was targeting, and direct the film shoot. The footage was then consolidated to create a 3-minute use case video that Ricoh’s sales force could use to sell both offerings.  Read More about this project.  

"Since Aetna was not able to visit our BIS office, we created this video to show them and other potential customers the offering. The video is compelling and there has been a great customer response to it. We are currently in final negotiations on a SOW for a $500K Aetna deal.” 

- Tim Beauchamp Director of Portfolio Marketing, Ricoh USA