Ricoh - Business Process Outsourcing Use Case

Ricoh, a global imaging and electronics company, needed an overview video that described their Business Process Outsourcing offering as well as their network of Business Information Centers that provide these services. Mark was brought in to produce this video and define Ricoh's messaging around the service. He worked with key stakeholders to translate their internal messaging, pinpoint aspects of the BPO service and the BIS infrastructure that would best resonate with the Enterprise businesses Ricoh was targeting, and direct the film shoot. The footage was then consolidated to create a 3-minute use case video that Ricoh’s sales force could use to sell both offerings.  Read More about this project.  

"Since Aetna was not able to visit our BIS office, we created this video to show them and other potential customers the offering. The video is compelling and there has been a great customer response to it. We are currently in final negotiations on a SOW for a $500K Aetna deal.” 

- Tim Beauchamp Director of Portfolio Marketing, Ricoh USA

M E I - "True Edit" Consideration Video

MEI initially approached us to create a product video that outlined the systematics of their cloud-based content management and workflow system, TruEdit. However, it became clear to our development team that TruEdit needed more brand familiarity. As a result, the Silent Sea writing team worked hand-in-hand with MEI leadership to redefine their marketing strategy. The centerpiece behind this strategy would be the creation of a multi-faceted consideration video targeted at media professionals.  We then presented MEI stakeholders with visual themes and storyboards to ensure that the video communicated a coherent message aligned with their overall sales goals. Read More about this project.  

Silent Sea did an excellent job with our project. The video we wanted was a challenge in itself with multiple locations, talent, screen grabs, voiceover, interviews; and they also had to navigate requests and opinions of different personalities on our team. They were conscious of delivering a quality video at a reasonable price and were very thorough in understanding our goals. I highly recommend Mark and his crew!”

- Will Steuber Creative Director, Managing Editor Inc.

Victor Pest - "Smart Kill" Awareness Animation

Victor Pest, the world leader in rodent control, decided to create an innovative rodent control solution with a modern, high-tech trap. They originally approached us to produce a video encapsulating the new product’s features for its worldwide product launch at trade shows but when production of the trap was delayed, we had to come up with a unique solution that would build anticipation within the market. With only sketches and an explanation of the product as a reference, we created a 360-degree animation rendering teaser-video of the product and its subsequent mobile application interface set to edgy music that excited consumers and retained brand standards.  Read More about this project.

“Our sales team was VERY impressed with the video Silent Sea created for our new line of Victor traps. They wanted it at all of their shows. We received really great feedback and the CEO loved it. Silent Sea Productions did a fantastic job familiarizing themselves with our needs, budget and timeline. Mark did everything he could to make the video work, even though we had limited assets and time. I highly recommend the Silent Sea team!"

- Stephanie Brooks Development Associate, Victor Pest

NJAND - Public Relations Campaign Video Series

The New Jersey Association of Nutrition and Dietetics approached us to develop a series of five videos for a new awareness campaign. We collaborated with NJAND, helping them formulate their vision, create a cohesive visual style, and present a unified message that could be built upon in the series of videos. Our team wrote all scripts, created detailed shot-for-shot storyboards and fully conceptualized the entire video portion of the marketing campaign. The production included filming at four different locations with more than 30 actors. Once the videos were fully completed, we assisted NJAND in how to share the content in order to maximize exposure and the organization’s needs best.  Read More about this project.

"It was a pleasure working with Silent Sea Productions. We had never done anything like this at all so it was a totally new arena for us and Silent Sea made it so easy.  The final product was just amazing and we're so excited to officially launch the campaign. We definitely recommend Silent Sea Productions and will be using them for our future video needs."

- Megan Squires Executive Director, New Jersey Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

Decorative Water Designs - Product Launch

Decorative Water Designs, LLC, a fountain design company, was looking to rebrand their Oasis Fountain, seeking to market the fountain to high-end venue locations and party rental companies. Marketing the fountain as a luxurious addition to an upscale gathering, we developed a cohesive message that communicated their branding strategy and created both a wedding and charity benefit environment for the video, casting over 60 actors and facilitating all pre-production logistics including: location scouting, contract negotiations, art direction and set design, wardrobe, and make-up. We filmed the video in 6K with the Red Epic and incorporated vivid slow motion imagery.  Read More about this project.

"The video looks great! Nicely done, a very good job! You are the best! Thank you for the great work that you have done!” 

- Boris Zilber, General Manager, Decorative Water Designs.