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Ricoh Analytics for Print Demo Series

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

Ricoh, a global imaging and electronics company, approached us to create a series of gated, demo videos around their Ricoh Analytics for Print software (RAFP). Ricoh' s marketing department was initiating a campaign that was targeted at Enterprise businesses and they wanted a flagship video that described the offering at a high level.

We were brought onboard and worked with Ricoh to refine their goals. After sharpened the messaging with their team, together we ultimately landed on the objective of the flagship video as essentially being a consideration video targeted at decision makers who were already aware of the software. Produced on a tight budget without utilizing any new footage, the goal was "to push out something fast for an initial launch. Then the team will create 5 short customer-facing videos on each of the individual value points that will dig deeper into the software."

" Blown away! There is so much to like about this video. The styling is awesome, the visuals are top notch and the messaging is on point. The video turned out great, very impressed.  Love love love it!  Great work team!” 

- Bill Robertson Sr. Manager, Services Marketing, Ricoh USA

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