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Ricoh Print Platform Cloud Services

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

Ricoh, a global imaging and electronics company, needed an overview video that described their Print Platform Cloud Services (PPCS) offering. Ricoh' s marketing department pinpointed their target audience for this video as IT professionals and decision makers in enterprise businesses. Mark and team were then brought in to create this video from concept to screen including refining the messaging, developing the style, script and storyboards, and managing the production.

Production involved traveling to Ricoh's corporate headquarters to film both actors and employees who would be portraying a company both before and after implementation of the PPCS software solution. Mark was brought in to both produce and direct specifically because of his expertise directing non-actors.

" We were asked to produce an overview video that could be shared with potential customers and I'd like to recognize the great work that Mark and the rest of the team did in bringing this piece to life. Their video is a great overview of what RICOH Print Platform Cloud Service does and the value it brings to our customers. I really like the style of this video.  It is very engaging, lots of information, but easy to digest. Great work team!” 

- Jeff Wilson Director of Portfolio Marketing, Ricoh USA

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