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NJAND - Public Relations Campaign Video Series

The New Jersey Association of Nutrition and Dietetics (NJAND) approached Silent Sea Productions to develop and produce a series of videos for a new awareness campaign. The goal of the campaign was to inform the public about the difference between registered dietitian nutritionists and people who call themselves nutritionists but do not have the proper credentials. The issue of safety was the most important distinction to communicate in the marketing effort, with this video series to launch the campaign.

NJAND requested four, 1-minute videos and one 2-minute compilation video to execute their messaging. The organization wanted to highlight a registered dietitian nutritionist in a different working environment in each of the 1-minute videos. Silent Sea Productions helped NJAND hone down their vision to optimize the message to create the best possible product. We collaborated with them on creating a cohesive visual style and diverse representation throughout this series. Together we chose to showcase registered dietitian nutritionists in single counseling, group counseling, retail, and educational environments, all of which would be incorporated into the flagship overview video that would appear on NJAND’s website.

Silent Sea Productions worked with NJAND to help them pinpoint exactly what they wanted to say in this campaign, creating a unified message that could be built upon in a series of videos. Additionally, Silent Sea Productions developed a marketing release strategy for NJAND to follow in order to execute the campaign in the most effective way.

Our team wrote the voiceover scripts for all the videos. We combined research and information about registered dietitian nutritionists with NJAND’s messaging as well as formulated unique ways to present the material in the four separate settings, eliminating redundancy.

Silent Sea Productions fully conceptualized the entire video portion of the marketing campaign, ensuring that each video would depict the same tone and message. Ultimately, this created a content series where each video built upon the previous one and continued to educate viewers with additional information about RDNs. Our strategy was to stimulate viewership and communicate a cohesive message for the campaign.

Silent Sea Productions also created detailed storyboards shot-for-shot. This process enabled the client to see each frame matched up with its corresponding narration so that the clients could see the campaign laid out in its entirety to confirm it would meet their overall goals and expectations.

Securing approvals of the vision for the editing structure prior to production allowed for a seamless on-site execution. The production included filming at four different locations with high production value and more than 30 actors. We incorporated working nutritionists into the videos and coached them in maintaining an organic, natural on-screen presence within their chosen setting.

Once the videos were fully completed and edited, Silent Sea Productions assisted NJAND in choosing the appropriate social media outlets to display the content and when and how to share the content in order to maximize exposure and the organization’s needs best.

Ultimately, the NJAND awareness campaign was a success and it followed the developed release strategy. The videos are currently supporting a major public relations campaign for the organization and the videos serve as a springboard--leading the audience to other content on NJAND’s website.

"It was a pleasure working with Silent Sea Productions. We had never done anything like this at all so it was a totally new arena for us and Silent Sea made it so easy.  The final product was just amazing and we're so excited to officially launch the campaign. We definitely recommend Silent Sea Productions and will be using them for our future video needs."

- Megan Squires Executive Director, New Jersey Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

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