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Victor Pest - "Smart Kill" Awareness Animation Video

Victor Pest, the world leader in rodent control since 1898, creates and sells rodent traps. They approached Silent Sea Productions for video production when they decided to create an innovative rodent control solution with a modern, high-tech trap. They asked us to produce a video encapsulating the new product’s features for its worldwide product launch at trade shows. This video would introduce the product to the market and explain its technological capabilities.

Victor Pest is the world leader in rodent control since 1898.

The Victor Electronic Mouse Trap is a humane rodent trap that sends a wireless signal to your mobile phone application when a rodent has entered the trap. Victor’s goal was to market this product to owners or managers of residential or commercial real estate who are unable to be located on site at all times. With a wireless trap solution, all of the data for the rodent traps is stored in a central repository, and the traps alert the owner of a captured pest rather than the person having to check each trap daily.  

The challenge on this project was that trap production was delayed, and the prototype of the product was not going to be ready in time for its unveiling. Still necessitating an explanatory video for the trade show, Victor Pest asked Silent Sea Productions to produce an animation. With only a sales sheet containing sketches of the product and mobile application as a reference, Silent Sea Productions produced a 360-degree animated video rendering of the trap and its subsequent mobile application interface. Both were showcased in an explanatory video that highlighted the product’s features, explained its specifications, and exhibited it in different environments, while being set to edgy, alluring music that excited consumers and retained brand standards.

Victor Pest was ecstatic at the results and the realistic appearance of the animation. Instead of being presented at the product’s unveiling, the video was used as the company’s teaser-video, intricately designed to build anticipation within the market and intrigue them about what was to come. 

“Our sales team was VERY impressed with the video Silent Sea created for our new line of Victor traps. They wanted it at all of their shows. We received really great feedback and the CEO loved it. Silent Sea Productions did a fantastic job familiarizing themselves with our needs, budget and timeline. Mark did everything he could to make the video work, even though we had limited assets and time. I highly recommend the Silent Sea team!"

- Stephanie Brooks Development Associate, Victor Pest

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