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Ricoh Business Process Outsourcing

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

Ricoh, a global imaging and electronics company, needed an overview video that described their Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) offering as well as their network of Business Information Centers (BIS) that provide these services. Although Ricoh’s network of Business Information Centers across the country is impressive, potential clients are unwilling to travel to tour these facilities. This proved to be a frequent obstacle for the sales team.

Mark was brought in at the development stage to produce this video from concept to screen for Ricoh. Narrowing the scope of the Ricoh BPO service offering was the most challenging part of this project, as the service is comprehensive and all-encompassing. We worked with Ricoh's team to define their messaging regarding their BPO services with respect to back office efficiencies as well as their BIS infrastructure, including its data security capabilities.

It was important to help Ricoh's sales team find a balance between the facets of the services that their sales force most frequently sells and the components that would be the most compelling to depict on screen. Since much of this video was unscripted, it was integral to first translate Ricoh's internal messaging behind the BPO and BIS offering into more understandable language that would resonate with the enterprise businesses they were targeting. Then, we directed Ricoh’s key stakeholders behind the BPO offering about how to communicate these messages in on-camera interviews.

Production involved traveling to Ohio to conduct these interviews and supervise filming on site at Ricoh's highly secure BIS Center. Since data security is top priority at Ricoh, we worked closely with their CIO and legal department to determine what elements of Ricoh's facility we could depict on camera. The final challenge was consolidating the footage to create a concise 2-minute video.

Ricoh's Enterprise Services Sales Force is now able to quickly educate their customers on their Business Process Outsourcing offering and their network of Business Information Centers with a simple and well-designed overview video of the services. This Business Process Outsourcing use case video has helped Ricoh close sales with customers who could not visit their BIS centers. Sales representatives are using this video online and on their portable devices to showcase Ricoh's infrastructure and entice potential customers about the capabilities Ricoh has to offer.

"Since Aetna was not able to visit our BIS office, we created this video to show them and other potential customers the offering. The video is compelling and there has been a great customer response to it. We are currently in final negotiations on a SOW for a $500K Aetna deal.”  - Tim Beauchamp Director of Portfolio Marketing, Ricoh USA

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