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Decorative Water Designs - Product Launch

Decorative Water Designs, LLC, a company that designs, constructs, and sells fountains, water features, and solar showers, was looking to expand their Fountscape product line and rebrand their Oasis Fountain. Aware that video production is an effective tool to boost product awareness, Decorative Water Designs, LLC retained Silent Sea Productions to produce a marketing video about their Oasis Fountain.

Previously marketed to consumers for outdoor use on residential patios, Decorative Water Designs, LLC sought to promote the Oasis Fountain to high-end venue locations and party rental companies, marketing the fountain as a luxurious addition to an upscale gathering. Unsure of how to carry out this campaign, Decorative Water Designs, LLC knew that hiring a video marketing agency would be the ideal solution. Therefore, they hired Silent Sea Productions to develop a cohesive message that communicated their high-end branding strategy and to produce a video that exhibited this messaging to be played at trade shows. Additionally, Decorative Water Designs, LLC did not have any printed literature on the product, so Silent Sea Productions had to learn about the product’s water and lighting features and generate a script that highlighted the fountain’s components and explained its value in a high-end environment.

To market the Oasis Fountain as an extravagant and sophisticated add-on to any party, Silent Sea Productions proposed to exhibit the fountain at two elaborate events in the video: a wedding and a charity benefit, understanding that creating a large-scale production with high production value would appropriately portray the brand strategy around the Fountscape product line. Silent Sea Productions simulated the two high-end events by casting over 60 actors and providing full art direction and set design for both environments, including linens, tables, chairs, cutlery, prop food, floral arrangements, live entertainment, servers, decorations, signage, and more. The location scouting, contract negotiation, art direction, wardrobe, make up, craft services and casting of this video was all provided as pre-production services by Silent Sea Productions. We worked with the client to ensure that their vision was perfectly brought to life on screen.

This trade show video needed to have high-definition, top-quality imagery that would lure trade show attendees to the Fountscape booth from a distance without the use of sound. As a result, Silent Sea Productions filmed the video in 6K with the Red Epic and incorporated vivid slow-motion imagery to call attention to the Oasis Fountain’s water and lighting effects.

The client was very pleased with the video and they have continued to use it to aid in the expansion of their Fountscape line by promoting the Oasis Fountain online and continuing to present the video on their annual nationwide trade show tour.

"The video looks great! Nicely done, a very good job! You are the best! Thank you for the great work that you have done!” 

- Boris Zilber, General Manager, Decorative Water Designs.

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