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Project Manager / Writer Katrina Rossos is a writer and journalist from New Jersey with a Bachelor of Arts in English and Film Studies from Tulane University. Katrina has worked as a writer and editor for seven years and has been published in a multitude of print and online publications, including US News & World Report, Backpacker, New Jersey Life MagazineNature World NewsOceana, Pharmacy Times, The Dodo, LifeZettePetcha, and The Coast Star.

Katrina was an Editor for AOL for over three years, running two hyper-local news websites spanning six towns in central New Jersey. She managed a team of writers, photographers and videographers, wrote feature articles and breaking news stories, conducted interviews, edited copy, optimized the websites to increase traffic and oversaw social media marketing. Katrina has an eye for finding story. She has honed a unique skill set while working as a digital journalist that makes her invaluable as a copywriter, visual storyteller and content creator. Katrina is currently contracted as a specialist for NJ Advance Media’s content marketing department.

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